Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Oftentimes high value items are posted and reposted by "hijacked" user accounts. It is pretty obvious if the account was a buyer only ID and is now selling high end items.

Sometimes you will see high end electronics posted on an account that sold or is still selling used childrens clothes. Somtimes on these bogus listings there will be JPG image that includes It is also prudent to view the "feedback" a seller has received.

US eBay & PayPal Accounts

For example, there have been many complaints the last few days of buyers ordering high end electronc items and getting a bogus thumbdrive or card reader instead. If you get a card reader instead of an Iphone, you the buyer are going to have to send that card reader back with delivery confirmation to CHINA at a very high price The phony listings have been going on for fifteen years. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Depends on who is in line to take the monetary hit. Sellers are allowed to have multiple accounts, and they are allowed to sell from different locations, so they are not breaking any rules by doing that.

This would have to be done by the owner of the original autograph, not by any buyer. Sometimes ebay will believe an expert in the field who can provide credentials. It has long been said that most of the autographs on eBay are fake, but I am not an expert and do not know how truthful that statement is.

Same picture, different sellers, etc is a clue something is not right especially for rare or uncommon items. Sometime the crooks are in such a hurry to list, you can even find the original listing from which they jacked the photo and description. This is true for anything of value. They had the same green tractor in front of the same barn listed weekly from Idaho, Greece, France, Romania, etc.

IMHO, if you did not see it signed, you are flipping a coin. All collectors get scammed in the beginning, so as a former autograpg collector, I say to do a lot of studying first! Get to know the celebrity's career, like the way some are child stars and go on to be adult stars. Like Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

Did you know that Ringo Starr's autograph was done on occations by their manager? Those has the 'T' in Starr leaning to the right a lot more than Ringo's. There's auto pen stops on a dime, not flowing like real sigs and more. You need a loupe, too. I got a fake Shirley Temple that had pixils for the sig and the seller denied it.

How I’ve Reinstated My eBay Account After It Got Suspended

But when you are ready, it's a ton of fun! And many of mine helped me get thru the crash! This doesn't seem to be true. I am now fighting the issue as I am the owner of all the items I sell.

I sold Beats by Dre of which I had an extra and it sold so I decided to buy some more discounted to sell. I was also listing and selling some wholesale items I found on a site. Instead of contacting me for verification they pull down my listings.

I'm as legit as I could be. Now they sent me a document request which I have submitted 4 times. They seem to have some serious issues and the real people like us seem to be the suffering victims.With our ready made packages, you have everything you need to start selling on eBay and PayPal instantly. Choose from NEW accounts or Aged accounts. We have helped thousands of suspended sellers.

Our reputation for quality accounts and fast customer service is why people come back to us for more accounts.

buying ebay stealth account

This allows us to focus on providing the highest quality accounts for clients. We developed this free guide over many years so you can quickly and easily get back to selling. It's 6-pages of goodness! While others are PMing and emailing you back and forth we provide live support. While we're no substitute for the eBay Stealth guide we can help with basic questions. While we offer only US accounts, if you have a special request location for an account, let us know AFTER purchase and we will create a custom account for you.

After your purchase we send you an automated email requiring your reply 'Confirm', afterwards we'll review your order and send out details within 24 hours. No matter your skill level, we make it as easy as possible to be up and running in no time. Don't worry, we have you covered. It was created several years ago by aspkin. We base all our accounts on the methods taught in the eBay Stealth. You do not need to have read eBay Stealth before purchasing an account, we include our own quick start guide.

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That said, our quick start guide includes everything you need to know to use your account safely and successfully. The first days is a probationary period for eBay and PayPal where if you sell high risk items, list too many items from the start or do anything fishy, your account will be manually reviewed and possibly limited.

Instead you will want to start with low risk items clothing, books, and toys work very well and build up listings weekly. Gradually mix in higher-risk items and work your way up to regular selling. The goal is to survive past 90 days. This means growth cannot explode.

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Our Quick Start guide goes in depth about our listing recommendations. Yes, Its possible.We prefer quality over quantity. We spend a lot of time and consideration into each and every account to ensure our customers never experience a suspension or limitation in the future.

Our team have over a 10 years of experience buying, selling, and otherwise dealing with eBay and PayPal. We do consider ourselves experts in this field. Our goal is to not only give you an eBay account no matter what, but to make sure you are satisfied with your new account. We have been researching and perfecting eBay Account creation method for a years. Our prices are one of the most competitive and budget-friendly on the market.

Each account is made with at most attention to detail. We create these accounts manually and never cut corners when making them. Accounts are not mass produced nor hired out and we always use real IP addresses, phone numbers and the SIM card is shipped for free when requested.

We are the only company which are offering PayPal Debit Card worldwide delivery.

buying ebay stealth account

Our company offering the best prices, because we are not account resellers. We are offering accounts - without restrictions, like, 21 day hold. Accounts comes with real Feedbacks and Power Seller Status. We know how frustrating and annoying it can be when your real account is suspended, restricted or you have low selling limits so we do everything we can to make the transition to stealth accounts as painless as possible.

We look forward to helping you! Aged accounts are less suspicious than a brand new account. In eBay's eyes, a legitimate new member would not sign up and start selling items in the same day. All our accounts include detailed guide. You will receive important information how to set everything up and maintain safely in the future. No matter your skill level, we make it as easy as possible to be up and running in no time. All our accounts include life time guarantee.

Even if eBay or PayPal will ask for some documents, like: invoices, supplier info etc. Our team will prepare them within a few hours. If for some reason we can't restore account, we will give you a replacement account for free. Only case when we can decline guarantee is in case if you done something prohibited, like sold fakes or prohibited items against eBay policy etc.

Have a question? We have answers.I listed my first ever item on eBay back in August It was a fake hair straightener sourced from a random Chinese supplier on Alibaba. A few weeks later, eBay suspended my account for the first and last time.

Lesson learned. Up until that moment, I had assumed eBay was the wild west — an unmanaged marketplace where you could sell and buy anything without particular restrictions and rules. The reason for the account suspension was very obvious — I was selling a fake item. In my case, eBay basically asked me to achieve 2 objectives:. For identity verification, I had to fax eBay some documents and bills. Quite the opposite. We got more than 50 eBay and PayPal claims opened against us within a matter of days.

Ensuring a secure marketplace that shoppers feel confident coming back to is a shared interest for all sellers and eBay as a platform. As a legitimate seller, you want sellers like me not today…. Key takeaway: If your account is suspended — be as honest and transparent as possible, provide all and any information that is requested from you.

Your goal should be to build a long-term relationship with eBay, and your business success heavily depends on this. The web is full of reports from sellers who failed to get their account reinstated by eBay after sending all the requested documents.

Whenever we had a situation with either eBay or PayPal that required an action on their part like — reinstate the account, lift selling limits, removing an unjustified buyer feedback or relisting a removed listing, we would get on the phone and call them.

How to use new stealth eBay account

We would usually wait for a reply for up to 48 hours after our initial email message and then call. This is how it is — reps are humans, and they differ in experience and empathy from one another. It was a struggle, and sometimes took hours over the phone. Be ready with the required information and documents to present and support your case, show professionalism, make the decision to reinstate your account easy for eBay — show them that you are playing ball and respect the rules.

There are even books, Ironically sold on Amazon who promise to do just that — eBook — How to get back on eBay after a suspension. Contrary to popular belief, eBay allows a business to have multiple accounts —. I recently got to know a CrazyLister user who has 18!! There are legitimate reasons for having multiple accounts, for example dedicating separate accounts per line of products. I personally know a handful of sellers who have dedicated devices, Internet service providers, and use the identities of friends and family to have multiple, unconnected eBay accounts.

However, they operate in fear and constant paranoia — they need to dedicate attention and energy to make sure they never make a mistake, which may allow eBay to inter-connect their accounts to the suspended eBay account, and subsequently suspend ALL of their accounts altogether. Here is a very typical and sad case of how a seller who was not familiar with how eBay worked, got herself and her friend suspended from eBay —. Key takeaway : I would strongly suggest to invest your time in legitimately reinstating your account, rather than trying to outsmart eBay.We offer the highest quality accounts to get you back on safely.

Our custom created quick start guide is all you need to safely and easily get back on eBay and PayPal quickly. Fast and friendly support to assist you every step of the way. Have a question? We have answers. We are experts when it comes to eBay and PayPal.

We offer some of the highest limit eBay and PayPal accounts you can have! We prefer quality over quantity. No matter your skill level, we make it as easy as possible to be up and running in no time.

Don't worry, we have you covered. April 6, March 27, March 19, Cart 0. We have you covered! Quick Start Guide Our custom created quick start guide is all you need to safely and easily get back on eBay and PayPal quickly.

Dedicated Support Fast and friendly support to assist you every step of the way. Fast Account Delivery We'll get your account delivered to you within a few hours of your purchase, if not sooner! Newbie Friendly No matter your skill level, we make it as easy as possible to be up and running in no time.

Sold Out.

buying ebay stealth account

Let's discuss here how to In order to escape from this scenariothe Coinmama was founded in the year and it is widely practiced in over countries and territories. Any common user can buy bitcoins fast and easy from coinmama. View all. FAQ How long is the delivery period?

How does the delivery occur? What is the stealth guide? The stealth guide is a detailed instruction on how to treat your accounts securely in order to last longer.

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The addresses of the accounts must not be the same, or else they will be suspended. We work in tight partnership with a secure VPN provider, so contact us for details. Do you offer any guarantee? The stealth guide is your guarantee.

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We offer refunds only on individuals who follow the instructions strictly and were suspended before listing their first item.Becoming a power seller can take years of hard work and a lot of customers would trust a power seller. Holding stock can be a stressful process, we have accounts where all the items are held and shipped by the third party. Feedback is the key to a successful ebay business, all our accounts have loads of positive feedback.

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Unlimited Accounts is a well-established company that provides its clients limitless opportunities to conduct business on eBay. We are the specialists who sell established eBay businesses and eBay accounts for sale. Unlike many other businesses out there, we truly offer unlimited eBay accounts for sale and this gives you the opportunity to list any number of products or services you want. Competition in the online marketplace is rife and staying ahead of the game is about unleashing your ingenuity and going one step further when other people hesitate to do so.

Of course, success in any business is about taking risks, but those risks cannot and should not be taken blindly — that is the only way to succeed.

With our eBay accounts, you are able to navigate the hurdles that any new sellers face on eBay and when you opt for our solutions, there are will be no restrictions whatsoever. Based on your requirement and budget, you can choose from:. We are a fast-growing company that has helped a number of businesses set a firm foundation on eBay and flourish. If you have any specific requirements, all you have to do is give us a call and tell us what you need.

We can provide custom solutions that are in-line with your objectives and which fit beautifully into your budget too. Info unlimitedaccounts. Suspended From eBay? Limited PayPal Account? You need a stealth account. Feed back thats years to build, save time by buying an account with.

We have accounts for sale that already have products online. You can have mulitple established eBay accounts all selling different products. We will help you as much as you need to make the process as easy and simple as possible. Take Smart and Calculated Risks Competition in the online marketplace is rife and staying ahead of the game is about unleashing your ingenuity and going one step further when other people hesitate to do so.

It simply means that in the long term, you have the scope to exponentially expand your business. Alternatively, you can write to us at this email address. We are a vetted and proven business that can catapult you onto the path to profitability. Call us with your requirement today. About Unlimited Accounts We have been selling eBay accounts and businesses for over 2 years and we now have www.That is why it is absolutely crucial that you list a low-risk item for your first item.

eBay Accounts for Sale

Your first listing needs to be very realistic — with real pictures and information as stated before. You need to put an appropriate title, put it in the right category, and make sure you upload your own photos, not one you got from Google or Amazon. Good luck with selling! Email: admin stealthacc.

buying ebay stealth account

Contact Us admin stealthacc. The first item that you list upon stealth eBay account is the most important item you will ever list on the account! When you first get your account, do NOT just log in and post immediately! Once you list the item, wait hours to let eBay manually review the items. After 48 hours, you can delist the item or go ahead and sell it if you want to.

The key to eBay is to start slowly and build up over time. Say that you start off with 1 listing, the next day, you can put up more listings. From listings, go ahead and start listing up listings after that, and so forth. Yes, it might be slow, it will be worth it.

Especially when you build your account up to a powerseller months down the road and getting nearly unlimited listings. Do not list high-risk items. If you want to sell branded items, suggest that you wait until you get seller feedback not buyer feedback. Fast delivery Fast and free delivery. Guarantee 30 days for a guarantee. Online Support Support 24 hours a day.

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